Demo Builder 7.3

Demo Builder is a powerful Flash based tool that helps you create professionally looking and eye catching interactive presentations that do not require any programming skills.

Demo Builder has a very simple interface which will take minutes to get used to and gives you everything you need to capture your activities in a running application and then edit the recorded material to add a voice over narration track or background music, visual effects, annotations, comments and other elements that will add to the efficiency of your presentation.

Demo Builder supports events for a whole new level of interaction with the viewer, users can now click buttons, control the behavior of your movie, jump to markers and do much more that you can possibly imagine!

Demo Builder gives you so much flexibility for editing your presentation movies that you'll be amazed at how different your demos can be!

Here are some key features of "Demo Builder 7.3"

Create Stunning Movies and Presentations - Easily:
· Create your first demonstration or tutorial in minutes with Demo Builder's Auto Record and Capture features.
· Simply start the recorder and take the actions you want to show in your desired application. Demo Builder captures everything automatically. You can even record your own voice over narration at the same time as capturing your screenshots and actions. What's more Demo Builder can even automatically add Balloon tooltips and Note annotations to your screen captures - without you having to type a character!

Edit, Annotate and Customize Your Movies with Movie Properties:
· Demo Builder didn't become the expert's choice without offering all the tools and flexibility needed to customize your movie's look and behaviour with ease and speed. After you create your movie, you can to add, edit or remove material or completely reorganise your movie if you wish. A full range of customized effects are available and can be applied to your scene (or whole movie) with a single mouse click.

Advanced Audio Features:
· Demo Builder comes fully equipped with advanced features for adding and editing audio to your scenes and movies. Background audio (e.g. a music soundtrack) or voice-over narration or both can be easily added or imported into your scenes and movies to give a truly stunning and professional touch to your demonstrations, presentations and tutorials.

User Interactivity and Events - Give Your Users (Some) Control:
· Demo Builder offers Events for all the interactive objects which you can use to determine the next action (or path) taken by the movie, based on your users' entries, responses and actions. Each individual Event has its own TimeLine to define the separate and specific sequencing of display and behaviours for that event.

Save, Share and Distribute Your Movies:
· Demo Builder offers multiple Build and Export options for your movies. Save, Share and Distribute in multiple formats to make sure that you get your message across to the widest audience possible.

· Pentium II 800 MHz
· SVGA Card (16.8 M Colors)
· 128 MB RAM

What's New in This Release: [ Demo Builder 7.3 ]

Text To Speech view:
· The callout text in your presentation can be spoken by the default text to speech voice on your computer.

Narrate Timeline view:
· Narrate the movie using the playback in the preview window as your guide. The audio clip created appears on the Timeline when the voice narration ends.

Playback with audio (Timeline) view:
· Watch the movie and hear the voice over parallel in the editorial view.

Add extra time (Timeline) view:
· Easily insert some space in the Timeline by dragging the Playhead.

Upload to YouTube (SWFToVideo) view:
· Express yourself to the whole world and let everybody see your movies by uploading them to YouTube directly!

Setup Size: 18.81 MB

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