Portable NFO Builder 2000

This program is designed for everybody, who wants to make some ASCII or ANSI art.
This includes all these NFO's delivered by cracking groups. Our intention to
write this prog was the problem to design some good NFO for our cracks with
tools like the Windows Editor or NFODiz. It was almost impossible to make some
creative images or to try out some ideas. The solution of this problem is in
front of you! (for old NFOB users: I know this is the same text as in NFOB 0.9b, but since

it definitly hits the point, I left it untouched ;)

The program has an interface similar to popular paint programs. You have the
edit window, a symbols toolbar and another toolbar with paint utils. since this
prog is designed for making NFO's, it uses the normal ASCII symbols to make some
graphics. The most important thing is probably the support of multiple documents. You can open just as much NFO as you want.

On the left side, you'll find a normal toolbar with 13 buttons, which some of you
probably know from Paintbrush or another drawing program.

The first symbol has literally no function. It deactivates, drawing and writing, so it's
great to simply watch at some NFO's.

The next tool is the pipette, with which you can simplay point any cell on the NFO Edit
window to pick up any char you want.

The third symbol has a function, which many of you really wanted in the old NFOB! It activates the marking of a rectangle of cells, which you can then cut, copy, paste or
delete. The most important tool is the pen. Only with this you can freely paint with any char you want! Like a pen, uh? ;)

Not that difficult, the next is a rubber, which deletes already drawed symbols.

The paint bucket has the same function as in every other paint program, it fills a section
with a specified char. he big 'A'. Very important, since nobody really wants to set every letter and every word
per chartable and mouse ;) Just hit the keys of your keyboard and be surprised *g*

Three new buttons: DrawLine, DrawRectangle, DrawCircle. Must I say more?

Almost every NFO has some kind of framework, like a chart. With the next two buttons you
can simply drag frame ractangles. If two frames cut each other, the program will
automatically set the right char for the frame (Try it out, I can't really explain it ;)

The last button creates some Credits line for the NFO Builder at the bottom of you NFO.
We don't force you to include this line in your NFO, but it would be great if you do it
anyway ;)

In the little window "Character" you will see the actual char, which you've selected.
Think of a "color window" of normal paint apps.

Adhoc Menu:
You'll see the Adhoc-Menu if you right-click in the NFO Edit Window. At the top you can
deactivate the grid and the scrollbars. some kind of preview function You'll probably noticed the thin red line at column 80. If it's activated, you can't draw more then 80 chars horizontally. This is the border of normal NFO's, found in crack releases etc. If you make ASCII art and need more chars, just deactivate the border. "Select all", "cut" Copy" and "Paste" are known functions, I think, so I won't explain them anymore. At the bottom of the pop up menu, you have the ability to rotate a selection in the NFO Edit Window. You see, we want to be the better Paintbrush ;)

Char Window:
At the start you'll see a small char table with all chars sorted in squares. If you right click in the window, you get a small menu with "Sorted" and "unsorted". Unsortet show you all available chars, with which you can paint.

About this Version:
Since we worked about 1 year on a new version of our ASCII Painter, I think I can say, that it's better than the first one. Though we made some beta tests, I must admit that there may be some other bugs. If you find something strange, or if you find some real bug, please report it to us so we can do a workaround!! Send an e-mail to fnw2k@gmx.net. Known Issues.

The scrolling of a big NFO is really slow! We encountered this problem just before the release so we couldn't fix it at this time. We'll work on it.

Final Words:
We want to thank all ppl, who supported us while we worked on the program. Your
E-Mails told us that you like our program and the idea and they encouraged us to
to to more ;) Especially we want to thank tBS for the amazing logo he did without asking!

At the moment we got this pic, we were really surprised and proud, because we couldn't
believe that some like the NFOB that much!

Size: 128 KB

Download from: Mediafire.com Download Link

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