Xenocode Postbuild 2010 for .NET

Xenocode Postbuild 2010 for .NET provides you with a useful and professional code protection and deployment solution for .NET developers.

Major Features:
. Protects .NET code against decompilation and reverse engineering
. Converts .NET applications to native binaries that run without the .NET Framework
. Embeds SQL Server Express databases directly into the application binary
. Eliminates compatibility errors by linking all application components into a single EXE
. Optimizes application performance with metadata reduction and code pruning

* Windows 7 compatibility:  Xenocode is the first virtualization engine in its class to include full support for all editions of the new Windows 7 operating system.
* Publish to Web:  Publish apps to the web with a single click.  Once online, apps can be launched with a single click directly within a web browser over 10 times faster than traditional download.
* SQL Server Express embedding: Eliminate local database setup by embedding SQL Express databases directly into your binary with a single click.
* Multi-platform capabilities:  Platform merge allows virtual application behavior to be customized on a per-operating system basis while distributing a single executable.
* Built-in support for the latest .NET runtimes and Windows components: The 2010 edition of Postbuild includes one click configuration of the latest popular components, including .NET Framework 3.5, .NET 3.5 Client Profile, and Silverlight.

Setup Size: 10.52 MB

Download from: Mediafire.com Download Setup

License Size: 1.26 KB

Download from: Mediafire.com Download License

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