Sony Ericsson Onyx Series

The Sony Ericsson Onyx Series hypersuite transforms your Windows XP desktop into a sleek, multi colored Sony Ericsson branded environment.

Now you can fully change the look and feel of your start menu, window frames & buttons, taskbar, dialog boxes and other Windows interface elements with a simple click of a button.

Included are 6 main hyperthemes (3 extra variant colors are available), 61 stunning icons, a versatile Windows Media Player 11 skin featuring “ultra thin” modes for audio and video and 6 color bursting wallpapers that fully compliment each color scheme of the hypersuite.

The default colors are Tangerine, Lime, Oceana, Orchid, Firebrick and Slate (extra variant colors included are: Cerulean, Magenta and Key Lime - for information on how to access them click “Extras Included” below). For Windows XP users only.

Note: This Theme Does not work on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Size: 70.29 MB

Download from: Download Link

Password: ubuntu

Please don't copy type password

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