TechSmith SnagIt Pro 10

The TechSmith SnagIt Ultimate Screen Capture Tool.

TechSmith SnagIt represents a big step forward for a great utility. While some of the new functionality may not appeal, the most significant changes are major improvements to what was already a very good piece of software. Strongly recommended. There are a few utilities out there which can make your life so much easier, you wouldn’t contemplate living without them. As someone who works on the web, I’m taking screenshots all the time and SnagIt is the only tool I’d use for this vital element of my job.

In its latest incarnation, SnagIt has added a lot of new features and a jazzed up interface. While the old familiar ‘big red button’ remains, much of the UI (particularly in the Editor window) has been completely overhauled. Gone is the XP blue of previous versions, replaced with a Vista friendly charcoal look which works pretty well.

The program’s key features (taking and editing screenshots) remain pretty much unchanged. You still have a huge amount of power of just what type of screenshot you can take, with timers, cursor settings and profiles all still playing a major role. I was pleased to see that my profiles from the last version of SnagIt were kept as it would have been a real nuisance to have to re program them.

The biggest improvements to this new version are certainly connected to the Editor window. For example: whereas previously, you had to take a capture, work on it, save it and then take your next one; now you can take as many screenshots as you like, using whichever profiles, and work on them all as you wish. This is a huge time saver and a very welcome addition to theprogram.

Another feature that has been added is of less obvious use. SnagIt now supports meta tagging and labeling of captured images. The idea behind this feature is that you start to use SnagIt to categorize your images as well as capture them. I can understand the thinking behind this addition but I’m not sure if it’s really much more than feature creep. I can’t see myself changing my workflow to fit with SnagIt, nor do I want to lose the capability of moving image files around at will (if you use Windows Explorer to move tagged images, the tags and labels are lost).

With TechSmith SnagIt’s capture, edit, organize and share technology it’s easy to create engaging visuals that grab attention and keep it. Let images do the talking for you. TechSmith SnagIt will help you capture any image you want straight off your computer screen.

Enhance with transparency, callouts, and other effects to turn a simple screen shot into an eye grabbing visual. Easily organize your images and use them again and again for other projects.

Then show off your Snagit creations to anyone. Just add them to your documents and presentations or share using your favorite applications. It doesn’t take much to explain a concept or an idea with TechSmith SnagIt. The images you create do the talking. And the more you use Snagit, the more ways you’ll find to use it!

Here are some key features of "TechSmith SnagIt"

Combine Images:
· Create custom graphics easily by taking multiple captures and putting them together.

Spotlight and Magnify:
· Draw attention to a specific part of your image. Just select the portion you want and Snagit will blur and darken everything else.

Markup Tools:
· Add effects to your image, even if you don't have a design degree. Draw attention with arrows, add a text callout or torn edge effect just to name a few.

Auto Storing:
· All of your captures are automatically saved to your Library with the most recent viewable all the time. Save time by quickly finding all your past captures.

· Along with saving your capture, Snagit also stores information so you can find it again later. Search for your captures by date, website, or a custom flag that you create and assign.

· 60 MB of Free Hard Disk Space (100 MB for CD-Rom installations due to video tutorials)
· XP 512 MB of RAM (Vista, Win7 1 GB Recommended)
· 1.0 GHz Processor (2.4 GHz Recommended)
· Windows 2000 Users Require Windows Installer 2.0
· Internet Explorer 6.0 or Later Required

What's New in This Release: [ TechSmith SnagIt 10.0.0 788 ]

· Added All in One capture.
· Improved scrolling capture.
· Improved text capture.
· Improved region capture and region autoscroll capture.
· Added transparency to Editor.
· Added ability to capture transparency.
· Added ability to change Snagit's color theme.
· Added a Page Curl effect.
· Enhanced the Cutout tool.
· Improved Snagit's performance.
· Added a Getting Started .snag file to Editor.
· Fixed a bug capturing Japanese text in text capture mode.
· Fixed a problem with the magnifier window continuing to display during a region capture.
· Fixed a memory leak caused by a timer activated text capture.
· Added support for Windows 7.
· Added a preview window to the Save as dialog box.
· Added default install of output with thumbnail and URL option.
· Added the ability to rotate text boxes.
· Restored custom trim.
· Added deleted images now go to Recycle Bin.
· Added 1GB video capture warning.

Setup Size: 30.04 MB

Download from: Download Setup

Serial Size: 713 Bytes

Download from: Download Serial

Stamps Info Size: 176 Bytes

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Stamps Size: 13.99 MB

Download from: Download Stamps

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