Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro 6

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro is an easy to use yet powerful graphics and document creation tool, able to produce everything from top quality websites to highly complex illustrations and multi-page Desk Top Publishing and PDF documents.

If you're working with photos, then Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro can handle everything from a simple one click auto-enhance of your photo to awesome digital photo compositions. If you're creating a website, then Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro can help you produce everything you need, from Flash animations to complete web page layouts and even complete websites.

If you're looking for drawing and design software, then Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro is a perfect solution for everything from simple logos, greetings cards and invitations to astonishingly detailed illustrations.

Whatever graphics you need and whatever your skill level, the intuitive user interface and fast processing of Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro will make it an absolute pleasure to be creative. And even if you have little or no design ability the wide selection of professionally designed templates provided with the product on CD means you can still produce stunning documents and websites!

If you click on the contents tab of this help guide, you will find a detailed description of each of the tools, galleries, menus, and control bars. You can also click on the index tab to search for a particular keyword.

Here are some key features of "Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro"

· Speed
· Import and Export
· PSD Support
· PDF Support
· Direct Action Tools
· Drag and Drop
· Solid Object Editing
· Undo / Redo
· Zoom
· Anti-Aliasing
· Color support
· Text handling
· Multi-page documents
· Printing
· The Designs Gallery
· Spell Check
· Templates
· Page and Layer Gallery
· Shortcut key configuration
· Color Separation Support
· PANTONE color support
· PDF/X export
· XPS Support
· Multi-core processors

Photo Handling Overview:
· File Size
· Magic undo
· Maintaining Photo Quality
· Integrated Photo Tool
· Easy photo enhance
· Crop & Rotate
· Photo Panoramas
· Red Eye Removal
· External Photo Editors
· Content-Aware Scaling and Zoom
· RAW photo import
· Bitmap Tracer
· Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins
· Levels control
· Clone tool
· EXIF info
· Perspective Correction
· HD Photo import
· Panorama Studio

Illustration Overview:
· 3D Extrude
· Drawing Tools
· Transparency
· Blend Tool
· Soft Vectors
· Shadows
· Bevels
· Contours
· Fills
· Live Effects
· Molds / envelopes
· ClipView
· Brushes
· Pressure sensitivity
· Profiles
· Opacity Masks
· Line length and area information

Web Overview:
· Animated Flash Export
· Flash export (.swf)
· GIF Animation
· Dreamweaver integration
· Hexadecimal RGB web color
· Image slicing
· Image maps
· Exporting and optimizing
· Linked stretching
· Web Templates
· Photo Galleries
· Free hosting
· HTML Website Creation
· Navigation bars & menus
· Widget Support
· Pop-Ups and Slideshows

· 256MB of RAM
· 200MB of available hard-disk space

What's New in This Release: [ Xara Photo & Graphic Designer Pro 6 ]

· Totally re designed application appearance (Skin and icons)
· Fly-out tools and buttons present a simpler UI, but with direct one-click access to a wider range of common functions.
· Improved Page & Layer Gallery with new 'Solo' mode. The updated Page & Layer Gallery (replaces the Object Gallery) offers better page and layer management, including a new 'Solo' mode which allows a specific layer to be viewed and worked on in isolation, and a new 'Layers' mode which adjusts the Gallery to show just the layers for the current page. You can also move directly to any page in a long document by clicking on the page in the Gallery. Plus the Page & Layer Gallery includes a new 'Find' mode which automatically adjusts the Gallery to find and show the currently selected item in the tree structure, collapsing everything else.
· Auto updating designs gallery: The Designs gallery includes new 'online' sections and content, that can be updated remotely.

Size: 102.54 MB

Download from: Mediafire.com Download Link

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