AquaSoft SlideShow 6 for YouTube + Portable

Creates professional slideshows for YouTube, fast and easy. Any fotoshow with pictures, music, videos, text can be managed, including animations like turns, zooms, fadings, panoramas etc. Contains timeline with many tracks. In addition, you will be able to set AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube to automatically build or upload every slideshow.

Here are some key features of "AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube"

· Everything you want to replay needs its space on a timeline. Specify the timely position and duration of images, text and sounds. Put several time tracks side by side and everything happens at the same time.

· Let your images and text come to life. Wheather to zoom in or out, into an image or a video, you decide what, when, where and how the zoom happens.

Camera Pans:
· A sector you define will go wandering over the image, from right to left, from left to right, up down, sloped, in and out again. No movement is impossible.

Movement Paths:
· On your screen you place marks that, being connected, become movement paths. Like invisibly guided your images fly along these paths in a time-controlled fashion.

Turns and Rotations:
· Images, text, collages and particle objects can fly along an arbitrary movement path. Additionally, a rotation angle can get assigned to each movement mark. Movements will flow gently and softly or boldly and dynamically, just as you wish.

· There are more than 70 impressive transitions. Although, these transitions are just pre-defined examples. By using the detailed options for settings in space and time you can create millions of different transitions.

Bitmap Effects:
· Many pre defined bitmap effects (shadows, mirroring, frames, masks, decorations, etc.) can be assigned to your images simply by Drag&Drop. By using the Bitmap Effect Editor you can edit these effects or create new ones yourself.

Any Number of Pictures:
· Where other programs throw in the towel SlideShow accelerates. There are no limits to the number of pictures, and by using chapters you can easily structure shows with hundreds and more pictures.

Alpha Channel:
· Alpha channels (transparency information) are fully supported by AquaSoft SlideShow (PNG images). Pictures gently disappear and re-appear, or blend with overlay images. Create impressive effects, collages with irregular edges or transparencies.

Non Destructive Image Editing:
· Destructive means destroying. The integrated image editor in SlideShow is non-destructive, because your original picture remains untouched and intact. This way you can change and enhance pictures and reuse them at different places, without losing your original.

Image Formats:
· JPG, JPEG-2000, PNG, Tiff and more then 50 other known image formats

EXIF Data:
· EXIF Data are additional technical information stored in a photograph. AquaSoft SlideShow allows access to these EXIF Data. E.g you can sort your images by exposure date or display EXIF Data together with the image.

· Music and voice in several tracks at once. Now a Babylonic babble of voices is only a matter of selecting the voices. And beneath all lies the Big OM of the background music.

Background Music:
· Due to the multi-track Timeline a background music can be assigned for the whole slideshow, independent of separate sounds and comments assigned to images. You can specify volume, duration, fade in and out and transitions for each sound piece.

· Collages will be created where separate pictures are assembled to groups. SlideShow masters complex collages from arbitrary images and texts, which also can be animated.

· If you have a large number of images ordering them into chapters is a welcome feature. These chapters can have multiple tracks themselves, andeach track may contain any number of images or other objects, which can have arbitrary distances to each other.

Text Effects:
· How many effects do you need? More than 100 text effects, plus animated fonts, transparent and flowing, diversify the text flow and make it interesting. While these are just the pre-defined base effects, each effect can be edited to your liking.

SlideShow Master:
· Do you want to create an attractive slideshow without much effort? Then you should use the SlideShow Master. It creates a sophisticated slideshow in three easy steps. Select pictures -> Select music -> Select style. Of course, slideshows created by SlideShow-Master can be edited and adjusted to your individual needs.

· Processor Pentium III 733 MHz
· System Ram: 256 MB
· Hard Drive 60 MB
· Graphic 1024x768 32-bit

Setup Size: 18.62 MB

Download from: Download Setup

Portable Size: 42.09 MB

Download from: Download Portable

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