Blueberry TestAssistant 2.6.4

Blueberry TestAssistant is a screen recording software aimed at those who test software, systems or websites as part of their working life.

Blueberry TestAssistant works like a VCR for your PC, allowing testers to create movies that show the development team how to reproduce bugs.

Juststart recording and carry on testing; when you find a bug just click "send report" and the movie is created, ready for reporting to the development team. Blueberry TestAssistant can also catch severe Windows application errors automatically.

Radical new capture technology means Blueberry TestAssistant makes perfect recordings with minimal impact on PC performance. Custom compression engine means compact movies, perfect for emailing.

A movie is a quicker and clearer way to communicate issues
to the development team than trying to explain the problem in words or using static screenshots.

Improve communications by showing developers exactly what happened and boost tester effectiveness by catching intermittent bugs. Download now and see how easy it is to get started.

Here are some key features of "Blueberry TestAssistant"

· FBR file format updated, delivering faster performance and smaller file sizes
· Big reductions in Flash export file sizes
· Improved dual-monitor support
· Full control over layering of textboxes and images
· New crop frames feature
· Convert AVI files to FlashBack movies with a new AVI import tool
· Automatically captures Windows application errors as movies.
· Easy generation of problem reports with attached movies.
· The recording process runs in the background and is almost undetectable on modern PCs.

· QuickTime required for export to QuickTime format
· Windows Media Player 9 or newer required for export to WMV format
· Microsoft Office 2000 or newer, including Powerpoint required for export to Powerpoint format
· DirectX 7.0 or newer required for movie playback
· Processor: 500Mhz required, 1Ghz Recommended
· Memory: 256Mb required, 512Mb Recommended
· Display: 800x600 minimum
· Video Card: 8Mb memory required, 64Mb Recommended

Setup Size: 7.67 MB

Download from: Download Setup

Key Size: 129 Bytes

Download from: Download Key

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